Lithophanes are bonkers... but they look epic!

Lithophane with Puck Light
Custom Photos Black and White Color
Puck Light (3) AA Batteries Remote (optional)

You supply the photo and we will prep the photo and print the lithophane, and supply the puck light. Great gift idea.


add $3.00 for remote
Lithophane Nightlights
Custom Photos Black and White Color
Nightlight Plugs into wall Light included

The nightlights are a great option for a smaller light to plug into the wall. It has a daylight sensor to shut off during the day.


Lithophane Boxes
Custom Photos Black and White 4 Photos
LED Bulb A/C Adapter Color not avail.

These boxes are very cool. You can have up to 4 images on the box. These boxes take almost two days to print.


Free shipping